Friday, 5 June 2009

The Kite Runner

Last night we watched a lovely movie 'The kite runner' (directed by Marc Forster) as part of the seminar on Human Rights and our Salesian apostolate. I liked the movie which basically speaks of friendship, loyalty and courage to stand for something. The tag line of the movie is very interesting: 'There is a way to be good again'. Set in the background of the early 80's when Taliban just came to power in Afghanistan and the struggle of the locals, the film is very gripping right to the end.
However, inspite of the introduction by Fr TD trying to say that the movie has much to do with human and child rights, I really did not see any great connection. But when Fr Palli, shared certain points this afternoon, and referred to some scenes and dialogues in the movie, I saw the connection. The instance when Hassan, for the sake of a kite he promised to his friend, opts to be abused by the elder boys is very touching. After all that is over, he does not say anything to Amir. When falsely accused of stealing Amir's watch, Hassan accepts it! That he goes to the extent of giving up his life for the sake of loyalty and friendship only shows that virtues are not the monopoly of only a particular section of society or the characteristics of an economic group only.

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