Friday, 5 June 2009

The Kite Runner (2)

There is something about the character of Hassan in the movie 'The Kite Runner'. I haven't read the original book by Khaled Hosseini but perhaps the characterisation of the boy for the movie is done with delicacy. Whatever it may be, I was wondering as to why it is that this 'flat-nosed' character is so very gripping, though the movie focuses most on Amir Jan. Perhaps he stands for hope and optimism. When everything around him was hostile and unpleasant, he choses to stand for something (friendship, I believe). He his priorities right. Even if his whole world came crumbling down, he would not have given up on his friend. He trusted in friendship, even when his best friend accused him falsely.

Why is it that even after such a shameful exit from the house, he chooses to come and safeguard that very house, even to the extent of laying down his life for it? Hassan isn't one with education or bright intelligence, but is one gifted with a very large heart. There is something so mysteriously inspirational about such characters. Without demanding it, they inspire goodness in people.

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