Monday, 15 June 2009

At Karunapuram

Am at Karunapuram (Don Bosco Philosophate, Warangal) for a course on Introduction to Philosophy for the first years. Coming to Karunapuram is always a sort of 'homecoming'. This evening I just walked around the corridors recalling to mind the three years that I spent here as the Assistant. Far from being the most pleasant and memorable, those years were nonetheless enriching. There were hard times too but very formative. Looking back I remember that it was tough then. But in a way, I am happy that I came in here with an attitude of learning, clearly to be 'with the Brothers', to learn and give my very best. I think it is these basic principles that kept me going even when the going was tough.

This time round, things are different: this is the first time that Karunapuram is seeing such a large number of Salesians (40 and three more yet to arrive!). It is good. Furthermore, the mixture is very very good (Brothers from Guwahati, Kolkata, Chennai, Sri Lanka, and of course, our own Hyderabad guys). Hope the Brothers will gain and give much, enriching themselves in this whole process.

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