Thursday, 25 June 2009

Saul turning Paul

This morning I shared with the Karunapuram community my reflections about Saul-turning-Paul. The real point of conversion was the excruciating blindness and helplessness that Saul felt after having encountered the Lord. The meeting with the Lord was only the starting point, not exactly the point of conversion. Saul did have the courage to go through the dark night, the perseverance to be a 'nobody' for three days and more, the anxiety of not knowing who you will be, the courage to start afresh leaving behind the comfort zones of his education, status and power. Secondly Saul was willing to seek help (from Ananias), to play the second fiddle (to the Apostles), to be one among the crowds (just like any other disciple), the humility to seek God for assistance and strength.

Confident that the Lord had called him, Saul endures all of this and is willing and open to learn from all. It is this attitude of courage and openness that gives him a new identity, that of Paul.

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