Friday, 5 June 2009

Stray points on HR and Salesian life

Of the many things I heard in the past two days, somethings caught my attention...
  • the idea that sin is not necessarily personal... that there is a community dimension to it too. Every time I turn my back on one who is being denied his or her basic rights, I am participating in a communitarian sin. It is not that the other person is so because I have done something against him or her. But by not reaching out to him or her, in whatever way, I approve what the society does with him (or does not do with him)!
  • the need for re-appropriating the meaning of our apostolates. Most often we seem so content carrying out our responsibilities to perfection in a set framework. We do it also perfectly, but perhaps we also need to see beyond the framework or extend the frame to a wider inclusion.
  • service does not necessarily mean doing all that I am capable of doing for someone in need. It also can be getting those responsible to get their act together and reaching out to those in need, rather than being the 'saviours' ourselves.
  • the power of networking with people around... risk involved: losing our unique identity amidst the whole group working towards a cause. However, I see that the cause is greater than the identity. Cause defines our identity. An identity does not exist in isolation, cut off from the rest of reality.

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