Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Where are the Salesians?

The heart-rending news about the plight of the Peruvian tribals and indigenous people, as reported in ANS caught my eye just now. I know not if it was reported earlier, at least I did not observe it earlier. To know that a small minority of people, with the minimal of information and technology standing up to the government machinery speaks of the courage of the local population. If recession is spoke of on side, this is the other ugly face of globalisation.

I wonder where are the Salesians and the Church in this whole struggle? Could be also that this is taking place in some place where Salesians are not really present. But if they are present, I am sure there are some, who are very much involved in this. I wonder what is the response from the top, to this involvement. Or are we acting like ostriches, saying that it is not a 'Catholic' problem! I've always heard that the South American Church has always been on the forefront of 'liberation' and 'grassroot' thinking and living. I only hope that Salesians are not lagging behind!

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