Sunday, 31 May 2009

Human rights

This morning onwards a sentence that I read in passing has been haunting me (I think it was the headline of an article in The Hindu a couple of days ago): Talking about Human rights has more to do with the spine than the muscle! Even this morning during the Mass, this thought kept troubling me. Every time I think of people like Fr Palli and company, I feel small. Yet that feeling never gives me the courage to venture out... perhaps I still lack the courage to face the 'real' world... so I'd prefer to stay safe and proud in my 'comfort zone'. Anyway, this afternoon Fr Palli rang up and asked me to download a song from the net. As he described the song I remember hearing it long long ago... It is in the movie Forrest Gump! Sung by Bob Dylan it is titled 'Blowing in the wind' (I thought it was something like '...the answer my friend is deep in your heart...') Whatever, it may be, the song is very meaningful!

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