Sunday, 24 May 2009

Feastday prayer!

It's been long since I posted something. Today as I sit after wrapping up the May 24th celebrations, I surprisingly feel still fresh (Perhaps the afternoon rest - dead sleep - is the reason). Anyway, it is nice, that I did manage to spend sometime with Edward, a companion of mine from Chennai. Also made it a point to call home and wish Papa and Mummy on their wedding anniversary.

So at last, I am taking a day off - tomorrow. Am going to take Edward around the city in the afternoon. Look forward to such day offs!! Shall make them possible henceforth.

Will be hitting bed with one real prayer: Lord, make the profession ceremony a quarter of its length!! Let the Mass get over within an hour and half - not more!! Please, let Your will be done, and not of the individual animators and coordinators!

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  1. yes vincent i agree - the profession ceremony should be crisp and alive....our service here in nashik was about an hour and a half - we had only 13 professions....but since they did most of the formula together things moved fast....also our novitiate team are very considerate to the many parishioners who come to pray to Mary Help of Christians and not primarily for a long-winded religious profession ceremony...they enjoy the symbolism and some young men may just think again of the next phase in their life...


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