Thursday, 28 May 2009

Supper out

I thought I was the most stingy Salesian there could be when it comes to spending money for others and myself too. Well, that was till last last night! I was invited for supper out last night by a confrere taking the Brothers who helped him in the summer camps over the last month - as a driver! I accepted for the offer and went along - and I'm glad I did. For if not, the Brothers would have starved last night! It was really embarrassing when he would ask the attenders what would be the cost of such and such an item, first of all! Then looking at the menu card he couldn't believe the rates printed. So he'd shut the card very often, only to open it again to see if there is anything cheaper than that.

The brothers on the other hand were another type: when asked what they'd like to have for the main course, immediately replied, "Rice!" Well, the Confrere tried to convince them to try something different than what they normally have at home... but in vain. I then knew that it would be the same rice-chicken combination for the Brothers. And it was!

Lessons (especially for myself):
When you want to be generous, BE GENEROUS. Don't count the cost!
When you want to eat, eat well ... but try some variety, when there is an opportunity. Lest you end up always, with chicken bones!

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  1. Casti, you really have a knack of being forthright, honest and direct! Thanks for that. I enjoy your blogging.
    By the way, what kind of movies have you been watching?


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