Sunday, 3 May 2009

Media responsibility

This morning's DC carries a very disheartening tale of a woman being stripped of her dignity by society and the media as well! That she was burnt by a stalker was bad enough (she suffered 90% burns). Then was denied medical attention. To add insult to injury were the media personnel who went about their cool professional style of clicking photos and videos of her as she lay on a shabby table without a stitch. So much for humanity and craze for news and trp ratings.

The only silver lining in this whole episode was that locals and policemen pooled in money to pay for the ambulance to carry her to the nearest decent hospital (120kms). Hope she survives and continues to be the pride and bread of her family.

Congrats to DC for reporting this, sans a picture! If media themselves do not check one another, there would be real decadence to a point of no return. Such conscious drives against each other keeps the media in tab and responsible to the society.

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