Monday, 25 May 2009


I had a day out today with Edward!! It was good. The best part of the day was the drama at imax while the movie was on! I was really dozing. However, there was this small fellow sitting next to me with his mother. The mother patiently was translating the English commentary to this guy into Telugu. And before she could complete her translation, my friend had a question ready! So it went on. The only times when the mother did not translate was during the descriptions about the sexual intercourse of the cuttlefish! But even his mother's silence evoked questions: 'Mama, what is the fish doing?', 'What is happening?' Oh, I enjoyed the boys steady flow of questions right till outside the theatre, when the guy at the exit kept saying, "Please come in a single line!" And Vishwas, (I later inquired from him his name), was quick, "Mama, why should we go in single line?"

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