Sunday, 10 May 2009

Drama, wine and branches!

My last day at home for my annual holidays... Though I did not manage to do anything of what I had planned for, except for the most important one: spending time with Papa and Mummy. I had greatly wanted to organise myself for the year ahead. Now that it did not happen, no big worry. I at least am fresh enough to do so once I reach back the Provincial house. However, have more or less, chalked out a plan/schedule.

This morning during the Mass, there was a girl, may be 14-15 years old, but not mentally sound. She had seated herself right in the first pew!! Then she wanted to take part in every movement in the Church: offertory procession, readings, communion (in fact she tried receiving communion in all the possible lines with all decorum... had she not put up a show earlier, she would have easily been given communion, thinking that she was a regular Church-going-Catholic!). All efforts to take her away from the Church proved futile for she would instantly go and take her place in the first pew, at any such effort. Anyway, he presence in the Church made me feel small... she was certain and determined to be part of every aspect of the Mass and my thoughts often took off for a ride!

And as always, on the other side of aisle were two small children who were lost all the while in watching this mentally challenged girl. Not that the three altar servers were doing anything different! And as usual, I too was lost watching this whole drama... and once in a way getting entangled in the wine and branches part of today's Gospel.

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