Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Adieu Fr Moja

This morning received the sad news of the demise of Fr Guisseppe Moja... a good old Salesian whom I remember during my stay at Matunga, Mumbai. I never had the chance - or never took the chance - to meet and interact with him personally. However, I distinctly remember Fr Ivo and others in the Provincial house speak much about him with a great sense of pride and joy.
Listening several speak so highly of him was always a thrill ... that I too have something in common with him... my Salesian identity. Now that he is no more, may his soul rest in peace! Something concrete and very valuable that I have of him is his translated work: Don Bosco: A Biography. It is a beautiful one which evokes a great zeal and love for the one whom we all love and admire... Don Bosco. Surely only one who is madly in love with him would be able to create such a magic! Thanks to Fr Moja and others like him whose infectious love and 'craze' for Don Bosco goads us towards living his ideals!

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