Wednesday, 1 April 2009

A chat

After long I spoke to some one very openly this evening. It was refreshing. I guess I miss going regularly for spiritual direction. And I'm sure it is for this sort of venting out that confreres spend hours on the cell phone or make long distances seem short by frequent visits. For once there was no psychological analysis or weighing the pros and cons. Just a casual friendly chat with no fears, strings or loose ends attached.

As I type this I wonder if I need to plan for the next year? Knowing very well what are my areas of strength and those areas where I have miserably failed - either because I was not involved or because I was ignorant - should I prepare for what may be in store for me? One thing is sure, I just cannot be repeating the antiphon 'Administration is not my cup of tea' over and over again. It just does not help anyone (certainly not me). So what can I do? Or better still, what am I to do? I think now that I have the time and thought, I get down to this. It is a fact that I do not like administration but when you do not get what you like, you learn to like what you get.

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