Thursday, 2 April 2009

Fundamentalism and courage

That Ms Anjali Waghmare's house was attacked and she threatened if she would take up the defence counsel of Kasab is indeed a shameful situation. It only shows that we are no better than Kasab who, guided by fundamentalistic ideals went about doing what he did in Mumbai. By attacking those who are taking up the legal fight on his behalf, we are sending a totally wrong signal to the world outside: we are equally fundamentalisitc!

The straightforward and balanced article of Ms Antara Dev Sen in Deccan Chronicle (Disrespect for truth is the real insult April 2, 2009) denouncing the growing culture of disrespect towards the 'other' is very refreshing. Whether it be the support BJP extends to Pradhan in Orissa, or Modi in Gujarat and worse of all, the much-tainted Advani as the Prime ministerial candidate, they all smack of fundamentalism where we play ostriches to truth. While being ignorant of truth is excusable, hiding or openly challenging truth and replacing it with self-proclaimed truths is a real crime. Hats off to DC for publishing such balanced articles too. The Hindu seems to be too much under pressure to speak the truth openly. So it ends up saying lot of good things but not all the true things!

We cannot afford to let the whole nation be bullied or brain-washed into believing this crap. The silent majority ought to make their minds clear and take a stand - lest the noisy few rule the roost!

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