Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Tele-serials and decadence

While at home, I was watching the tele-serials that all in the family are eager to watch. Well, my frank opinion... the makers/producers/script writers seem to have exhausted all sensible themes and are now raking issues that are totally scrap!!! They are really sick!! The one that I saw yesterday was about child marriages...!!

I may be biased but I believe you do not need to waste a year or half only to tell that child marriages are bad and mad!!! And in the process send out such wrong and crazy messages - all in the name of carrying on a serial and increasing TRPs!

There are others which I remember watching during my early years of formation... at least 4-5 years ago. (May be the actors are the same but the serial is new). However, one thing remains the same: the upper elite. All the serials are practically laden with jewellery, post houses, heavy make-up and designer clothes! Only shows who has time to watch and waste time with these serials. Or maybe even the middle class and lower middle class people watch it as an unfulfilled dream!

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