Saturday, 4 April 2009

Working on oneself

Every time we talk of going to a missionland somewhere far away, the first thing we think about is language! That we ought to learn the language, know the culture, adapt oneself to the whole new context and what not. But I think that's the wrong starting point. The whole motivation ought to be something greater and higher if one is to get "transplanted". I liked the observation of Fr Vaclav to one aspiring missionary: ... it's not so much important to learn at home any other language, but if you have any personal issue (prayer/ personal weak point/ personal or vocational history to be reviewed...), you should work on this.

I've also seen the euphoria before ordination of the deacons. It is the same - not very different from small children about to go for a shopping trip with their parents to purchase new clothes. The joy and excitement one ought to feel is about the ordination and its significance, not the day of ordination!

The effort at working on oneself is something so alien to most of us. When there is something to be done, we always think or plan for what work to do. Nowhere in that 'to-do' list does our own selves appear.

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