Monday, 6 April 2009

Jesus and the donkey

Another sub-theme of the gospel of the Palm Sunday that caught my attention was Jesus' request for a donkey to ride on, during his entry into the city of Jerusalem. I'm not sure of the Biblical significance of this strange request, but I wonder about the owner of the donkey. What would have been his state of mind when he heard the disciples say, "The master has asked for the donkey?" Did he get back the donkey? Did he join in the procession with Jesus and the Israelites?
During the procession, if at all he joined it, whom was he looking out for? Jesus or his donkey? Then it struck me that perhaps at times, we miss out Jesus because we have been concerned all the while about the 'donkey'. No malice or lack of motivation; just lack of clarity regarding priorities. This time round the year, everyone awaits the transfer list. We often get lost in the who, how, where and what. We miss out the basic and real why of our very profession (our commitment to God and His people).

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