Saturday, 11 April 2009


On Maundy Thursday, the Holy hour animated by the Sisters, was a nice moment to introspect. When the Sisters began with the introduction and all those prayers - sooooo swweeeet, sugar coated, over and over again - it was nauseating!! I was feeling so irritated by the words they kept using. Then it struck me that perhaps the Sisters really mean what they were saying. It's only me who have been of late so brain-washed about 'human rights' that I was feeling irritated. From then on, I spend the rest of the time, in seeing where I really stood. Totally with Lord (perhaps like the Sisters) or with His people (just like all the social activists). At one moment I was beaming saying to myself that I was striking the middle way! But then I was filled with such uncertainty and a sense of dilemma. Slowly it dawned on me that perhaps I have neither Christ nor true love for humanity and therefore am struggling to place myself anywhere between them! The rest of the adoration was a fervent prayer: Let me be close to you, Lord and dear people!

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  1. Happy Easter Bro!
    God bless you and your community.



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