Tuesday, 14 April 2009

He is alive, I've seen Him!

The episode of Mary Magdalene meeting the Risen Christ is an inspiring one. It is normally the ones who love most and dearly are the ones who truly feel the absence of a deceased member in the family. It is they who try to keep alive the memory of the dear departed. The very fact that Mary Magdalene was the first at the tomb clearly shows her tender love for Jesus. The fact that it was Jesus who first touched her and granted her a new life has much to do with this filial love for Jesus goes without saying. But for that matter there were several others whom Jesus healed, some even in worse conditions (I wonder where was Lazarus and his family when Jesus died). But none of them seem to be around during his last days on earth or thereafter. I guess most of them may have done their bit to keep alive Jesus - just like some uncanonized saints of the world.
Mary Magdalene, in spite of being a woman, finds a special mention in the Gospels is worth taking note of. That only shows that she was madly in love with Jesus. Therefore she was around doing all she could to make sure that what Jesus said and did reaches far and wide.

Lastly the ever fresh and exuberant face of that Sister who enacted the role of Mary Magdalene at Karunapuram for a gospel enactment way back in 2002 is unforgettable. Her spirited words, "He is alive. I have seen him," still ring in my ears, every time I hear or read this gospel passage. God knows where she is now and what she is doing. Somehow, that enactment didn't appear like enactment!

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