Friday, 24 April 2009

Don Bosco and the beginnings

It is interesting to note that of the 19 young men who opted to attend the first meeting with Don Bosco to start the congregation, each one was of a different temperament. There was Rua for whom the invitation of Don Bosco was no surprise. So much so, it is said that he went the following day the invitation was given (Dec. 8, 1859), he went made his retreat and on the previous day of the final meeting was ordained a Deacon!! There was not an iota of doubt for him as to what he wanted to be!

We have Cagliero, who was indeed plagued by doubts and anxieties. But once decided, he was firm. There were others who clearly did not want to be 'monks'... Buzzetti being one of them. But he joined the congregation later. Some never did. Then there were defectors, those who promised to be with Don Bosco but sooner or later jumped the fence and moved away. Surely it must have been very disappointing for Don Bosco but he carried on. I really appreciate his sense of balance: carrying on the work, inspiring others to carry on his work and expanding his work at the same time.

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