Saturday, 25 April 2009

Torn between the heart, mind and emotions

Last night I was watching The Rock and did not know that on another channel there was the movie Dead man Walking running. Oh boy, how I missed it!! Since I missed out most of the beginning, I decided not to watch it (I really wouldn't grasp it in its entirety). But the theme of the movie is very touching: a nun (Susan Sarandon, truly she is one of the best actresses) who is caught between a culprit on death row (Sean Penn), her sympathy for him and her anger and frustration at his actions which earned him the death sentence.
It is one of those cases wherein any stand you take is not justified by oneself. Lost in the arguments of the heart, mind and emotions one is painfully torn between these. At one time I thought, that Michael Pincolet ought to die. He deserved it, as felt by the parents of the teenagers whom he brutally murdered. But watching him, spending time talking to him, you feel otherwise. That he needs a second chance. But again, you yourself are not willing to forgive him for his heinous crime. How then to talk about God forgiving him?

I ought to watch the whole movie!

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