Sunday, 12 April 2009

Being touched!

The famous comic episode about the passion play has its own lessons to teach. The way of the cross was one of the journeys for the one fulfilling the role of Jesus, till he was lashed. Being 'touched', Jesus ended up chasing the one wielding the whip.

Most of us, me included, pass through so many feasts and celebrations, hardly touched by anything at all. Surely if 40 days of Lent have not touched me, neither will Good Friday nor Easter! To be truly touched implies the courage to expose our vulnerabilities... That is a very risky affair for who knows who would touch them or heal them! Mary Magdalene was touched by the Lord because she did not hesitate to hide from Him - or anyone, for that matter - her weak side. Zaccheus was touched because he was open to offering to Jesus his limitations and drawbacks.

It is only when we feel strong, powerful and in control that we tend to hide our vulnerabilities and thus refuse to be 'touched'.

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