Monday, 13 April 2009

Formation blues

Today I had the opportunity to address the would-be-practical trainees at Karunapuram. It was a good occasion to relive some of those special and memorable moments at Karunapuram. I also took the chance to acknowledge that there were several times that I was wrong! I understand that it took me 5 years to acknowledge that while when those events and things occurred I was as adamant as an ass!

However, discussing at length with Fr Maliekal about the formation procedure in the Province, I too find myself agreeing with him that in the name of some frivolous things which act only as decorations, we are somehow compromising on essentials. In the process, we send out wrong signals to our formees and given the fact that motivation and commitment is already hardly forthcoming, it is only a matter of time when these young Confreres get lost.

I have no problem in them losing their way but when they are adamant to stay behind and still take pride in being 'lost' is something that I can only describe as a characteristic of 'parasites'. If I am in the Congregation, I'm in 100%. If not I'm out! No half way here.

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