Friday, 3 April 2009

Liturgy, pulpit and sound

Yesterday was the first time I attended the Chrism mass in the Diocese, that too in St Mary's (the first time I'm entering the campus - though I was born and brought up in Hyderabad itself!!). Anyhow, the Mass itself was very beautifully organised. The liturgy was very well prepared and conducted. No confusion, delays, running about.... the sound system was clear, sufficient lights and well-behaved crowds (of course, those youth group members were there walking up and down doing nothing and when there was work, there were only some small girls to guide and direct the crowds - those with the badges were not seen at all!). Attending the Mass, confirmed by belief as to how important and meaningful it is when the liturgy is well prepared and smoothly conducted. It really creates a spiritual ambiance.

The real drawback was the sermon - real blunt saw. I wonder why don't people understand that you just cannot keep talking because you are on the pulpit. That is a real moment to touch the hearts of people, so many of them, eager and willing. And there comes one with such crap that it either goes above the head or is so stupid that it makes no sense! The preacher certainly has all the ingredients of becoming a Bishop!

Then there is the sound... not of the traffic but of the speakers. Such huge speakers blasting the volume so that not just those in the campus but even those in the railway station - 5 kms away - were forced to attend the Mass! This one craze I really don't understand. I thought it was a disease only of those in Andhra. But last year for Willy's marriage in Mangalore, things were the same! So I guess, I'm the odd man. All the same, I don't think it is sensible to blast the volume more than what is required. It makes us look uncivilized and goes against sensitivity to the general public.

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