Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Politics, politicians and puppets

Any where I go these days, all that I see and hear is about the upcoming elections. Luckily I do not follow a thing about politics! I'm truly blissfully ignorant about this one great section of life. And I intend to remain so... not worth dabbling in it.

However, what I keenly observe is the passion, the obsession, the zeal, tactics, plans, ideas, fickle fidelities of not just the politicians but of common people themselves. To silently hear others debate with such vigour the whole battle game is a thrill in itself. It does not take long in realising on whose side is the one doing the talking. Those silent, I guess, are those not interested or ignorant or above such party-politics.

I'm learning a thing or two about what goes on in the minds of people who get so passionately involved in this whole affair. I wonder if they are ever so passionate about their own family or studies or work. The best part is how the top layer of politicians are able to make the majority of population real puppets without having ever to dirty their hands and remain publicly "immaculate". That is called brains!

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