Monday, 30 March 2009

Truth and the revelation of truth

The recent remarks and comments by Sr Jesmi and Cardinal Varkey Vithayathil (and the counter remarks of othes) have created quite an uproar among the Catholic population, especially among the clergy and religious. Yesterday evening I met one fervent Parishioner quite shaken up by the whole narration and statements of Sr Jesmi. Luckily I did not have enough time to sit and talk with him. He had to finish something important and I moved on. Had he pressed me to reading it for myself, I would have surely told him that I have better things to read - for which I am struggling to make time!!

Anyway, whatever they want to say, let them. After all they have the right to speak and express themselves. However, for me, if that what you say causes your brethren - and 'sisteren' - to lose faith and jeopardise their simple beliefs, it is better not to say it. But if one feels so compelled to say so, let him or her do so with such charity as to build faith and confidence. If it is only for self-emptying and "truth-revealing" without concern for the general population, I doubt how much of pastoral zeal and love for the mission is in that person. Truth ought to be revealed but it also matters much, how that truth is revealed. The role of media too needs to be critically analysed. It often has the tendency to pick up the 'juicy' parts, and flash them out of the whole context the text is written.

May all we do, be for the betterment of the standard of living of our neighbours and for our own own spiritual upliftment.

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