Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Viewing oneself...

One thing to say, that "I'm nobody" and another to say, "I'm nobody with you!" Perhaps the same logic can be perceived in the AA twelve step programme, wherein participants are recommended to have recourse to a higher power (God or any other power).  They are not really asked to admit that they are powerless, but rather asked to admit that they are powerless without the help of God or the higher power.

I think this is the distinction between true pastors/healers and false or dramatic ones.  The former help each one see the point of being helpless not just by oneself, but help one see that without realizing God's assistance one is not using our full potential.  The latter tend to exploit the 'vulnerability' of persons by showing them that they are weak and then inducing the conviction that without them (the facilitator) they will not have access to God!

So a true convert is not one who goes to church regularly, but one who goes to connect with God, not the priest!  Just like healing is complete when the patient can stand on his/her own without reliance on the doctor, so too is true conversion possible when the faithful can relate to God without the priest.  Then why the priest?  Merely to facilitate that connection.  If the priest or anyone else thinks that without him God is inaccessible to His people, then not only has the priest a wrong conception of God but it is this wrong concept of God that he will pass on to others! That's double trouble.

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