Thursday, 2 March 2017

Running lights

My car lights come on the moment I unlock the door.  To further put on the headlights, I need to turn on the switch. But the day-time running lights are on the moment I unlock the car and remain so till I lock the car - irrespective of it being day or night.  At first I found it odd to see cars driving around during the day, that too in bright daylight, with their lights on.  I was told that most modern cars come with this running lights because in England the weather could change at any time. Furthermore if there is a sort of shaded area that one is passing through then they help.  The main and perhaps only intent is to help vehicles coming in the opposite direction to notice you, especially when it is dark or shady, even during the day.

That certainly isn't an option in vehicles one has in India, at least not now - and may perhaps not have in the future either. With the sun shining so bright and hard, we may need more anti-glares than reflecting lights!

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