Saturday, 18 March 2017

Healthy hearts

I came across this particular news item in the BBC today.  The scientists herein claim that they have found the healthiest hearts in the whole world. They belong to a Bolivian tribe named Tismane (pronounced chee-man-yee).  It describes their diet and physical routine and attributes their healthy hearts mainly to these: healthy diet and plenty of physical activity.  Read the full article here.

However, the article does, in passing, mention of their positive outlook and social life, as one of the influences in recording a healthy heart.  What struck me most of the photos embedded, was that these people were poor and typically tribal.  Being close to nature and following principles in line with the environment is a great value.  The integral life that they naturally live is not a remedy but reason for their well-being. Contentment and living close to nature are truly two great elements of a noble life.  Most of us in the urban life, eat and then exercise to burn the calories of what is eaten!  Our focus is mostly on diet and exercise.  Their focus is on life.  

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