Thursday, 30 March 2017

Driving test

I took my driving practical test this morning... and failed!  Well, no excuses.  I got four minors for the same fault: not checking my blindspot before starting off after the stop.  If only I had remembered to check that blindspot one more time than the two times I actually did, I'd have got through... but... if only! I also need to be conscious of the lane discipline while on the roundabout.

Honestly was very very nervous till I started the driving.  Once in the seat, I was totally relaxed.  Surprisingly.  Perhaps it is just old habit.  I remember volunteering to drive all the late night dropping and picking up from the railway station or airport while at the Provincial house. I always found it relaxing to be out after a hard day's work in the office.

Also the examiner was relaxed and did not show any signs of anxiety or grumpiness.  His accent was slightly difficult to follow and within a couple of minutes of his interaction with me, I could politely ask him to repeat himself, because I could not follow his accent.  He gladly obliged, without any fuss or any signs of displeasure.

Anyway, the next available slot is a month and half away! Hope to get through then.  

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