Thursday, 2 March 2017


Duality (considering two aspects of the same reality) is one thing. But dichotomy is a step further.  Not only are there two aspects but that these two are in contrast to one another. They are opposites! Surprisingly, without one the other does not exist.

I wonder how did we get into this sort of thinking?

Not only in the philosophical thought of Plato (beginning of western philosophy itself), but even in religious (Christian) thought one gets to see this.  Plato spoke of the World of Forms and this world.  Two distinct realities, standing in opposition to each other in their characteristics.  Then there was the body and the soul - one bad and the other good.

In the Bible, in the book of Genesis itself, there is this serpent and then God sanctions the 'enmity between you and the serpent, between your offspring and the offspring of the serpent'.

Today we are at a stage where we cannot but think otherwise.  Can we even stand out of this frame of mind and think?  To think of goodness, without the notion of evil? To think of light, without the concept of darkness?  

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