Thursday, 2 March 2017

The political

Am reading an interesting text by Carl Schmitt titled, 'The concept of the political' wherein he discusses what it means to be 'political'.  He basically asserts that human being is basically a political being. If one decides to stay alone, then that case, he is not political.  But then he stands all alone!  On the other hand, the human being is associated with other dimensions of reality and be part of those dimensions too, but in each and every dimension, it is in his decision making that the political comes to the fore.

Even a religious group is political - besides being involved in 'party politics'.
A religious community, a church, can exhort a member to die for his belief and become a martyr, but only for the salvation of his own soul, not for the religious community in its quality as an earthly power; otherwise it assumes a political dimension (Schmitt, 'The concept of the political' 2007, p. 48).
Schmitt's 'political' observations are quite interesting and very insightful.  That he was a staunch member of the Nazi party, does not diminish in any way, some of the concepts and theories he proposes.  I found his ideas on humanity very appealing.  

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