Sunday, 26 March 2017


I used my mobile phone's google maps and navigation for the first time today to find my way to a neighbouring parish. I first was lost because I could see the church but not the entrance to it, to get in and park my car.  So I was going in circles.  The navigation was not a big help because it would tell me to turn right, but there wasn't a right there at all!  So I ended up going reaching a place where I could start the hunt again.  This time round the navigation took me straight to the Church.  Coming back was spot on.

If it were anywhere in India, all that one would need to do is stop by the road side and ask any passerby. Most would show you the way - even they did not know it themselves!  But here one can't just do that - neither stop nor ask any passerby!  So this technology is indeed helpful.

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