Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Phone booth

With the rapid growth in communication technology, gone are the days of the public phone booth. So was surprised to see one during my walk today.  Only when I reached closer did I notice that it is totally abandoned. But the phone and everything else was still intact.  The presence of cobwebs and the word 'dead' scribbled on the door, give way to the fact that it is no more in use.

To recall yesteryears, these phone booths were much in demand and significant landmarks.  The most striking thing about the advanced mobile phones in comparison to years when there wasn't any such facility, is when I go to pick up someone at the railway station.  Earlier, all the information we would have is a postcard or an inland letter stating the date, train name and the time of its arrival.  Equipped with just that piece of information, we would still locate the guests and escort them home without any difficulty.  Now even with the latest of technology, our concern for the guest has not grown proportionately.
Then, found another thing, just beside the phone booth which is nearing extinction: the postbox!

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