Friday, 17 March 2017

Spring colours

Spring has already set in and the colours are changing, literally.  There is a sort of greenery budding forth as trees are getting ready to spring new leaves.  Then there are the flowers blooming. Mostly yellow, the daffodils.  There is also some strange bush like plant used as fences in some places.  It was always barren and appeared dry, at least since the time I noticed it.  But now it is all yellow and amidst the green bushes or against the green lawn, it looks great.
Then there are also this pink flowers adoring the whole tree - the cherry trees!  They look magnificent.

At times I feel a bit awkward to stand and admire these beautiful colours, because I'm the only one standing and watching these things. All the others around me are well on their way, seemingly oblivious of the changes.  I suppose they have seen it from their birth. For me, it is the first time.  

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