Monday, 29 August 2016

Working together?

One concrete thing we, the members of the Salesian family, can actually work on is the target group of our apostolate.  Not that it is unknown but why are we so blind to it. It had ocurred to me earlier while at Ramanthapur but now it flashed across my mind more vividly today.  As part of our work at Ramanthapur, we also look after girl children in distress. Of course it is at Hayathnagar.

I wondered then (when I first visited the place) and more so today.  Why on earth should we take up this task?  Especially when there are Salesian Sisters running two centres that too just beside our own centres at Bhoiguda and Uppal for exactly the same category of children - girls in distress or in need of care and protection. We could easily direct whenever there is a case, to the FMAs.

And as if that itself is not sufficiently illogical and insane, desperately search for and invite Sisters from other congregations to take care of the girls' home!! 

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  1. LOL. Are we nuts or ARE WE NUTS! The solace is that it seems to happen everywhere. So, we're all nuts :D


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