Thursday, 25 August 2016


These days as I sit for prayer, I'm in a bit of a fix. Nothing alarming but all the same a bit unnerving.  It is about my future course of action.  I have been asked to pursue my doctoral studies in London and have completed all the formalities for the same.  However, the results of my IELTS is being withheld 'for further investigation'. That has brought my visa processing to a grinding halt.  With classes commencing on Sept. 17, and with no sign of the release of my IELTS score, I know not how it would turn out to be.

Honestly I do not know what to pray for!  That things smoothen out fast and I get to go or that this hurdle washes out all efforts put in so far and I stay on??  I only pray His will may be done but lacking any clue of what His will is in this regard is not very consoling!!

However when I see other confreres here in the Provincial house praying, given the heavy responsibilities they shoulder, my only prayer is 'THANK GOD... I have no such burdens!'  Truly before what each one of them is going through and all the efforts they are putting in for the good of the Province, the confreres and the mission, my dilemma is chaff!  In fact, I feel ashamed to ask anything at all for myself!  Watching them I can almost hear their desperate plea.  

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