Monday, 29 August 2016

Moving together...?

Witnessing the workings of the major superiors of the Salesian family (SDB-Regional, Mother Superiors, Provincials) I realised how rigid our structures force us to be. What actually is created initially for the mission is now the one that determines the mission.  Even to arrive at a collective decision which would then be carried out in very creative or flexible ways, is so cumbersome with most saying, "We'll have to discuss this with our local team".  And I was imagining what the 'local team' would be saying if asked about the same proposed line of action - "How can we decide about it. It has to be decided at the Superiors level!"

Perhaps the most free 'liberated' person in this whole assembly is Fr Joe D'Souza.  He made his points clear: don't ask me for funds, but personnel I'm willing to send... just ask.  He never had any conditions for his society members. No conditions or contracts.  Need help, just ask.  I understand that even though this has its own pitfalls, but I honestly admire and appreciate his vision of not getting struck to any buildings or any complicated structures.

Though something is achieved by this sort of meetings but can't really say we are moving forward, may be in circles!!  In comparison to all that we can really achieve together, what we actually decide and carry out is nothing!

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