Saturday, 6 August 2016

Being prophets

Being prophets is a risky gamble.  Jeremiah was almost killed for prophesying against the house of Judah. However he is protected by Ahikam (it is the first time that I am coming across that name!).  John the Baptist lost his head, literally for speaking out the truth.  The Jews (and Romans) ultimately got the better of Jesus, after several failed attempts.

Even today none wishes to speak the truth openly.  Those who polish it, or trim it neatly to fit in the regular flow of thought are appreciated. Even those who malign and distort truth are felicitated.  But those who spell it out in all honesty are hounded.

Times have changed but not the mindset.  The strategies employed to silence those who speak the truth have certainly become more systemic and oppressive.  Prophets are not seduced by power and those in power cleverly scheme and eliminate the prophets.

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