Saturday, 6 August 2016

Kilometres according to the tyres

Returning to blogging after quite a few days. Had been busy with the IELTS test and the crazy rush to get the documents ready for the visa to study in the UK.

During these days of sharing anecdotes and famous statements of confreres over the years, we are having a ball of time in the dining hall.  One such incident was narrated of a community picnic from "---" to Vizag.  They had hired a bus and also travelled by their own community jeep.  The agreement with the bus was that payment would be made according to the number of kilometres travelled.  On reaching Vizag the bus driver declared it was 420 kms.  The jeep driver endorsed it.  However, the Rector, CLB intervened and said, "That cannot be!" He said if the jeep is showing 420 kms, the bus should show less, say only 350 kms or so.  The confreres and the confused bus driver asked how?  The jeep tires are small but the bus tires are big, was his rationale!!

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