Sunday, 24 July 2016

Feeding the whole bucket

Very often one of the recurrent topics at b'fast table on a Sunday morning is the sermon!  I remembered and shared the following anecdote I read long long ago, this morning at table.

A pastor prepared his Sunday sermon well but was in a way disappointed to see only one member of his congregation at Church that Sunday.  However after reading the gospel he asked the man if he should go ahead with his sermon. To which the man replied, "I own a poultry farm and everyday I feed my chicken. Even if one comes I still feed it." Taking that as a 'yes', the pastor launched into his sermon with full gusto.

After the service was over the pastor asked the man what he thought his sermon.  The man replied, "I own a poultry far and everyday I feed the chicken.  Even if one comes I still feed it... but I do not feed it the whole bucket!"

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