Monday, 4 July 2016

Hidden Agenda?

I liked two statements that Palli made during the discussions.
Any hidden agenda is not good agenda! 
He interjected with this statement when a confrere started speaking of our task of evangelization (preaching and proclaiming Christ) especially in a context that does not endorse it.

The other is from the cartoon, Dennis the menace...
You can win any game, if you make the rules of the game. 
This is how the government and corporates play. The others are bound to lose because the rules are always set against them.  For an onlooker, the game was played out perfectly and as per the norms and therefore the win of the government or corporate is legitimate.  But when the rules themselves are skewed and the poor have no say whatsoever in the rules nor an alternative to joining the 'game', then it is injustice! 

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