Monday, 4 July 2016

Dream at 9???

One of the richest insights from this meeting was the interpretation of the famous dream at 9 of Don Bosco.  Fr Palli latched on to it like a leech!! It was during the presentation of Fr Jose Mathew which he openly endorsed, once again later.

We all were given to think - we liked it that way - that the dream at the age of 9 of Don Bosco shaped his whole life.  Wrong!!!  In fact, Don Bosco started living the dream already at the age of 5.  The dream if at all it played any role was to endorse this attitude of a growing youngster, serving as an inspiration for others - and that's exactly what Don Bosco intended it to be!

Dream at the age of 9 was already a lived reality from the age of 5!! It is not that Don Bosco had the dream and then his whole life was guided by it. It was already a lived reality by the age of 9, which took the form of a dream and then continued to be a representation of his lived reality.

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