Monday, 4 July 2016

Salesian identity

Fr Jose Mathew in his talk, and rightly so, began with the identity of the Salesian.  His rationale: When we say that we want to achieve something we need to know what exactly it is we want to achieve.  For that we ought to primarily take stock of who we are.  Without this we run the risk of becoming one with the dream that we run after.  He quoted from a survey which marked religious and priests the lowest in the area of witness!

He therefore began by clarifying our identity as Salesians.  This was something very many like to hear but not practice. We easily shelve this basic fact of life because it is very demanding.  We prefer to do than be! We seem to be in a hurry to do things, without primarily knowing why we do what we do.  We forget that what is picked up most is who we are than what we do.

I also liked what Mr Conrad said, in passing, in a small group discussion... scenario building is for the work, not clarifying the identity!

In another context someone else mentioned of religious striving for mastering the art of administration while forgetting that we're primarily to be engaging ourselves in ministry.  We are primarily called to be men of God and lead people to God!

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