Monday, 4 July 2016

Strategic Planning

We concluded yesterday a workshop trying to initiate the Strategic Planning method for evaluation of our national networks, our whole working strategy across India.  I was asked to help out with the documentation.  However, it did not take me long to realise that the whole future mode of action is all set and decided, the planning is only to confirm it.

While on the one hand I denounce this mode of thought, on the other hand I am hopeful that the result of this planning, involving all stake-holders would certainly throw light on very many a truths we Salesians have along the way ignored or trampled.

Fr Joyce Francis during the inaugural Mass spoke of the four-fold fidelities:

  • Humanity and our times 
  • Christ and the Gospels 
  • Religious life and mission 
  • Salesian consecration and charism. 

I think his perspective on this whole 'strategic planning' was clear when he clearly emphasised:
Not forget the essentials when we go about the urgent.
Anyway, it was an unwilling experience!  More reflections in the posts to come...

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