Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Mother, Brother and sister...?

While meditating on the Gospel of the day, Mt 12: 46 ff where Jesus pointing to the crowds says that whoever does the will of His Father is his mother, brother and sister, this thought came to my mind: Jesus, far from calling us to sever our ties with our dear ones at home is only asking us to extend that affinity to a larger sphere.

The analogy that came to my mind is that of a tree.  A tree which is seen outside has its roots deep within, something not seen by all.  It is these roots that basically help the tree stay, and stay alive.  However, what the tree absorbs through the instrumentality of the roots is not for the roots... the leaves, branches, flowers, fruits... they are for all.  The tree does not say that since the roots support me, I should offer all these 'fruits' back to the roots. Neither do they roots claim for it.  Such is the role of the family, the closest of kin.
One might ask, where is God in this whole picture... well, He's the sap which nourishes the whole tree.

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