Tuesday, 19 July 2016

God's will

Speaking of the Gospel of the day, Mt. 12: 46 ff... Benny and I were having a small discussion during breakfast.  He casually asked me why I became a Brother.  When there was no straight forward answer coming he said, so you became a Brother because God wanted to become a Brother?  I immediately said, "Don't put that burden on God!" And we both laughed.

He said during his Mass in the Convent this morning he asked the Sisters what was God's will?  He asked them if they becoming Sisters was God's will for them. When they all affirmed, he thrashed it out saying, "Becoming a Sister was your choice!"  God only wills that we love one another... that's what the Gospel of the day clearly indicates.

By loving one another just as God loves us, we fulfill His will... the rest of what we do and say and be is purely an outcome of that primary task.  If only we are able to savour His love and respond and spread it out, the rest will all fall in place.

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