Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Open to learning

Last week I was in a meeting and now I'm part of another meeting. Both different motives, though some of the participants are the same.  However, something that I find very relevant and good is this: Lay persons are animating and guiding the whole process.  In the former meeting, it was Mr Conrad Saldanha guiding the Strategic planning. In the current one, it is Mr Dev Manti, for the Participatory Action Research.  Honestly it is a great shift we have made... from being closed to any lay person "teaching" priests and religious to a state where we feel that this person has something worthwhile to offer... something I can learn and grow for.

The best part of it all: these lay persons are far more passionate about the mission of Don Bosco than I am!  If most of us Salesians join hands with them, what marvels we can achieve.  If not join hands, at least not block or barricade their efforts, unwilling to let go of my 'ordination' or 'profession' ego. 

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