Monday, 4 July 2016

Strategic Planning (4)

About politics...
Salesians, by the Constitutions and tradition, are to keep away from politics.  Well there is now a better understanding of this word 'politics' emerging, which makes complete sense to me.  I now understand better Fr Palli's stand on issues and concerns.

Politics can be viewed as something related to parties and electorate. But there is something more deeper and invisible that actually decides and plays havoc.  Perhaps in Fr Maliekal's words it would be 'politicking'.

So when we Salesians are called not to get muddled in politics, fine.  But when it affects policies and decisions which in turn adversely affect those whom we work for, then it is our bounden duty to intervene and get involved.  We cannot be bystanders in such a case.  The answers are not always in party politics or elections... that's where we need to invest our thoughts to see how we affect politics without becoming politicians.

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